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K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

Keep your cats comfy and cozy all year round with the Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed!

Older cats who have arthritis and joint pain … young kittens who crave warmth … cats in their prime who just love to luxuriate … all cats appreciate a warm, secure spot to sleep in. The K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat . . . → Read More: K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

How Much Do Cats Sleep?

First-time cat owners are often puzzled and even alarmed by the fact that kitty seems to do a lot of sleeping. But it’s perfectly normal – cats are absolute masters when it comes to getting plenty of rest.

Pet experts estimate that most healthy adult cats spend more time asleep than they do awake, dozing up to . . . → Read More: How Much Do Cats Sleep?

Feeding Cats: How Much, and How Often?

Cats, like the people who love them, are very individual in their tastes and attitudes toward food. Some cats happily eat whatever is set before them … others are notoriously picky eaters. Some cats eat more than they should and get fat as a result, while others (often in the same household, with exactly the same . . . → Read More: Feeding Cats: How Much, and How Often?

Feeding Cats: What Type Of Cat Food Is Best?

Wet or dry food? Stright from the supermarket shelves, or special-order? How about treats? Do my cats need milk? When it comes to cat food there are lots of options, and choosing the correct ones can go a long way toward ensuring a long, happy, healthy life for your feline friends.

Good Choices

Most experts agree that a . . . → Read More: Feeding Cats: What Type Of Cat Food Is Best?

Cat Communications: Purring and Padding

For cat lovers, one of life’s sweetest sounds is the rumble of a purr.

The purr is one of the most interesting and enigmatic features of our feline friends – it’s observed in all species of cats, but both the specific function that purring serves and the exact physical mechanism of the purr are uncertain.

There . . . → Read More: Cat Communications: Purring and Padding

Cat Communication: Ear Action

Ear actions are a big part of cat communication. Ears are a fascinating bit of advanced feline technology – a built-in super-sensitive audio system that operates like a huge radar array. The way cats move their “receptor dishes” can tell us a lot about what they’re thinking and feeling.

Cats have an extremely adept and sophisticated sense . . . → Read More: Cat Communication: Ear Action

Cat Vocalizations: Meows and More

Can cats “talk”? Absolutely. Is cat vocalization easy to understand? Not always – but the more time you spend with cats, the more you’ll pick up the language.

Ask most non-cat owners what sound cats make and they’ll say “meow”. That’s true to a point, but it’s kind of like saying that the sound dogs make is . . . → Read More: Cat Vocalizations: Meows and More

Cat Communication: Telltale Tails

Ever wonder what your cat was thinking? Take at look at the tail.

Though the feline tail is primarily a balance mechanism, it’s also a key part of cat communication. How your cat is holding and moving his tail can tell you a great deal about what he’s thinking and feeling. Here are some standard tail communications:

Tail . . . → Read More: Cat Communication: Telltale Tails