Roll’n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box: A Self Cleaning Litter Box That Actually Works!

Roll’n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box by Omegapaw – a self cleaning litter box that really works! The unique patented grill inside the Roll’n Clean™ scoops out the clumped waste, depositing it into the pull-out tray. Just roll the litter box onto its top, and roll back to the upright position. Remove the tray and dispose of waste! For fast and easy cleaning, use the Roll’n Clean.

Is there really such a thing as an affordable self cleaning litter box? And even if there is …. will cats use it?

The answers are yes, there is, and yes, they will. The Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box is absolutely as close to hands-free litter box maintenance as you can get with a non-automatic model …. and yes, cats will definitely use it. Put those two facts together and you get pretty close to the cat-owners dream: a simple, easy cat-approved solution to litter box maintenance that eliminates odors, litter-tracking, and handling waste.

What you get:
The Omegapaw Roll’n Clean self cleaning litter box is essentially a two-piece covered litter box with a built-in screen to separate clean litter from waste material and a removable waste waste collection tray. Both small and large sizes are available and a number of buyers noted that even very large cats found it roomy enough.

How it works: The bottom of the box is the litter tray and you fill it with a couple inches of with any good clumping litter, just as you would any cat box. The cat enters the box through the roomy round “doorway” and does the business as usual. (NOTE: if you have an enthusiastic excavator who kicks up a storm of litter, you’ll appreciate the cover!) When it’s time to clean the box, you simply roll it upside down and then back. The clean litter sifts through the screen and the waste is automatically trapped in the waste collection tray, which can then be easily removed and dumped.

Sound confusing? Watch this video and see the Omegapaw Roll’n Clean in action!

  • Easy snap-together assembly – you don’t have to be an engineer to get it put together!
  • Fill with any good clumping litter – no extra expense for special litter
  • Fast and easy cleaning – just roll the box over on it’s round side so its upside down, then return to rightside up
  • No scooping required – simply remove the waste collection tray and dump waste
  • That’s it – you’re done! The cat box is clean and so are you – hands-free, no scooping, clean box!!
  • BEST OF ALL: CATS LOVE IT! If the cat won’t cooperate, it doesn’t matter what you buy, right? But this is something that cats will really use. They like the privacy and they appreciate the clean, odor-free facilities.

The bottom line: The Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box is affordable (around $35), easy to put together, easy to clean, and cats will actually use it.