The Cat Hobbiest

What are the advantages of owning a cat and why would someone want to own a house cat? There are so many benefits of owning a cat. One of the most important is that they can provide companionship, affection, and even security for the owner. It may take time and patience but with the right owners and training a house cat can be a wonderful companion. House cats can be a wonderful source of joy for children. They love to be around people and are fun to play with. They are also great at catching mice and other small animals. Another great reason to own house cats is to keep them from spreading germs around the house. If your house cats do get sick they will be tested by a veterinarian and treated quickly and efficiently. The house cat can also provide protection to smaller children. Some older children have been known to chase after and attack their siblings. However, house cats are quite powerful and can protect themselves quite well. The best way to avoid this is to keep the house cat indoors at night. Some experts believe that house cats are timid by nature and can be wary of larger people, especially adults, when they are let out of the house. However, they will protect children who try to befriend them. The house cat has several other advantages. They can be trained to use a litter box. If this is an advantage you already have then it is free. Some house cats are indoor pets for life. They may become family pets and share the household with other children. House cats can live up to 60 years if they are properly cared for. However, this is a very long lifespan for any cat. The older the house cat gets the less exercise they get. If house cats live inside there is a good chance they will develop arthritis. They will not be able to jump as high as they could if they were outside. As cats age they will also start to lose hair. Their fur becomes thinner and less lustrous. You will also notice a change in the color of your cat's coat. It will become more gray and will not look as shiny and silky as it once did. If you decide to have a house cat as a pet then you need to make sure that you have plenty of toys and catnip toys in your home. This is to keep your cat stimulated. This should prevent them from becoming bored and allowing them to become destructive. Providing your pet with fresh water daily and keeping your house clean and tidy will also help. This is what makes the cat Hobbiest of all. A house cat is only as good as its owner. You need to be responsible for providing it with a nutritious diet, plenty of exercise and making sure it is well-cared for. If any of these things are neglected then your cat will not thrive and become as happy and healthy as possible. House cats will need their litter box replaced with a cat tree. They also need a lot of stimulation and love from their owners. Having a pet house cat can be the perfect way to bring the two of you closer and make life even happier. A house cat does not have to be in a cage if you do not want it to be. Providing it with the basics, such as a scratching post, food and water, will help to satisfy your cat's needs and make its life happier. The cat's nails need to be clipped on a regular basis so that they do not get too long and damaged. A cat with a nail ring is not a happy cat. As a matter of fact, this could result in the cat being unable to use its claws. If you decide to allow your cat to live indoors then you need to provide them with a comfortable place to sleep. Cats enjoy sleeping in beds but they can get very uncomfortable if they are placed on a hard floor or wall. If your pet does not like this then you will need to place them in an enclosed cat bed. Providing your cat with some toys will help to keep them active during the day while you attend to other more important tasks. When taking care of your house cat, you need to remember that they have a lot of personality and can quickly adapt to any situation. This does not mean that they are always happy. Your cat's mood will tell you many things about its health and well being. If the cat is constantly unhappy then it is probably time to consult a vet.