What Is The Best Indoor Cat Breed?

So, you are thinking of getting a new cat. Before you go ahead and make that purchase, you might want to know what the best indoor cat breed for you would be. Cat picture By knowing which type of cat will work the best for you and your family, you will have a much happier feline companion. Here is a look at a few of the various cat breeds that can fit the bill when it comes to what to consider when making a decision about an indoor cat. If you are looking for something that is pretty and smart, then the Oriental is a good choice. It has a very unique look that sets it apart from other types of cat breeds. Its body shape is different and distinctive, so it can be quite a challenge to come across one. However, if you are willing to put in the effort to properly train your cat, it can become a wonderful companion. The time it takes for an Oriental to learn to be house trained, though, may be more than what it would take for some other cat breeds. Perhaps the most popular of all cat breeds is the Standard. This is because it is very well known. The standard type is one that will typically grow to about fifteen pounds in age. Its body will be very balanced with a thick muscular coat. Its unique personality makes it one of the most popular options when it comes to choosing a cat. Indoor graphic Since this particular cat breed is very easy to teach, you will not have a problem getting it to interact well with other animals and people as well. Another very popular option is the Persian. Persian cats have a very distinctive look that goes along with being one of the oldest types of feline pets still around today. With its long, flowing hair, the personality of the Persian cat is one that is very sociable and friendly. If you don't want a cat that will grow to be quite large, the Persian is the ideal type for you. Like a Standard, the personality of a Persian will help you establish whether or not it will be friendly and fit within your family. A very popular choice for those who enjoy looking out into the outdoors is the American Ringworm. This particular breed was originally bred to be used in the field as a medical rater. When properly cared for, the American Ringworm can live for two years or more. If you are looking to buy an indoor cat and you happen to love the idea of one that is free from mites, then the Siamese is perfect for you. They have the same type of personality as a Standard, but they also come with a very distinctive and distinct look. Those who are allergic to cats should also consider the Asian Grey. What re-creation While the breed is not often used in breeding programs due to the fact that it can be a bit expensive, the color is something that is very beautiful and distinctive. The Birman breed has been around since the 1700s. This is an elegant type of cat and this is a very popular breed that belong to the indoor group. In addition to being very graceful, this breed is also very intelligent. You will love the way that it interacts with other cats and people as well as being very loving. It is said to be calm by nature, and this is a very good breed to have in any household because of this. The poodle is another highly preferred breed and this is the favorite type of cat for many. It is extremely affectionate and there is not question about the health of this particular breed. One of the nice things about having a poodle as a pet is the fact that it is easy to groom. Knowing what is the best indoor cat breed will help you determine if this is the type of cat that you would like to have as part of your family.